Tiago Gracio

Digital Marketer and Grow Hacker

A long-term and committed relationship with the digital world

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Discover what is holding you back and take a step closer to achieving your goals


Before we start to develop anything we have to think about what we want and how we can achieve it

Integrations and Automations

A outlined strategy and interaction time are essential for a company's communication


Campaigns must be able to reach the intended audience, carrying out a subsequent analysis

SEO and
Organic Uptake

the contents must be relevant and include the company's keywords to capture the attention of users

A few brief words about myself

Life is hard. We have to adapt to all the diversities of life in order to thrive in the midst of the crowd and chaos.

I am a simple person, friendly, cheerful, fun, hardworking and honest. I like to travel, play, be with family, relax, fish, discover new cultures and spaces. The digital world is part of me and who I want to be, Google, Meta, Zapier, CRM’s, WordPress, spreedsheets… These are words, platforms that accompany me on a daily basis.

But I wasn’t always like this life changes and we have to overcome our obstacles and strive for what we want. I want to be successful professionally, focusing on goals and achievements. I want to be an example to follow, an idol. My personal life, my family, those I serve and be 100% available to help and support them whenever necessary.

Benefits of Online
Hard Work

Other skills and knowledge I have to help develop the professional I am

Advanced knowledge in WordPress

I've created and developed numerous websites for companies I worked for and clients I raised.

Knowledge and adaptation to CRM's

I've worked with contact management software like Monday, SalesForce, Pipedrive and some custom platforms

update time

I like to "take" a few minutes a day to read about digital marketing, google, SEO and other interesting topics

And Really cool attitude

Positive and optimistic thinking that helps me overcome life's obstacles

You can easily talk to me for more information through:

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